Boston, Massachusetts

I could have been in any city in the world today and it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference. Most cities have public libraries, most public libraries have Internet hook-ups, and most internet hook-ups have the same old selection of content. And I spent most of my day on the Internet, potentially worlds away from Boston. So I’m not utilizing my time to enrich my life with Boston’s culture and people. Bite me.

It was raining, a rainy day in the city. I guess Boston had a terrible June, full of rain, and July seemed to usher in a new series of hot, sunny days. Today was the first hiccup in that series, the first bit of real rain I’ve seen here. It wasn’t dogs or cats or anything, but it was enough to keep me away of the out of doors.

This whole car situation — or more apropos, the stuck in Boston situation — has me feeling lazy and slow, with time bending at my every whim. Time is free for a while, and usually being such an expensive commodity, I’m enjoying throwing it to the wind and not even turning around to see how it floats or where it lands. Instead, it just goes. And I don’t know where.

So I can’t really tell you where it went. There was that bit in the morning that was covered in sleep — my room was hot, due to eight grown men in a tiny room with an insufficient air conditioner. But it wasn’t terrible and I had a peaceful sleep.

There was a bit around noon, where I wandered up and down Newbury Street, Boston’s Fifth Avenue. Indeed, I’ve read that Newbury Street was actually the model for L.A.’s Rodeo Drive. Wow. I didn’t bother stopping into any of the Steve Madden or Emporio Armani or Kenneth Cole stores — I’m feeling too poor to even bother looking — but I did make a stop into the Cingular store to price a wall charger for my then completely dead cell phone. The look on my face at the sound of “twuhnny-fer nienny-five” must have got the point across, because the nice lady offered to charge my phone up for me if I wanted to leave it there. So I did, happily, thankfully. So it is completely charged now, and hopefully should get me through until I have my car back.

Oh yeah: and then there was that bit spent rejoicing in a new bit of news about my car — a hopefully true bit of news. Dad left a voicemail saying he gave Fathers & Sons the go-ahead to put a new (used) engine in the Passat. They said it should be done by Friday… night. I don’t know what the “night” bit implies, but I pray it means I can pick it up on Friday — or certainly Saturday morning. I had better not have to wait until Monday unless, of course, they’re not done with it. So if they can get it done by Friday, I’ll be happy, very happy indeed, and rejoice by lovingly pounding the steering wheel as I cruise away, North, into New Hampshire.

But a huge chunk of today was thrown to the wind in the magnificent Reading Room of the Boston Public Library, with its huge oak tables and big green lamps, vaulted and domed ceilings, wooden chairs, and granite floors, colorful books, and busts of people I’ve never heard of. I only got on the Internet after buying a 3’ Ethernet patch cord, but it was well worth it, as I’ve been able to spend several hours browsing new travel information, talking a ton with friends on MSN, and updating my website. The newest bit, aside from the journal, is that I’ve updated the planning page. I’ve updated it with what I hope is how the rest of my trip turns out, and I’ll update it regularly to match what actually happens. The original plan is still available via a link on that page.

I only got a tiny bit of reading done, but I’ll probably do more tonight, back at the hostel, since I don’t have anything else planned, due equally to both my apathy and the rain. Tomorrow, may be a different story as I might take a train out of the city for a little coastal sightseeing. It won’t be anything terribly exciting, but at least it will be new, not Boston. But I’ll be back, in the evening, to stay at the youth hostel for a third night.



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