August 2012

Items posted31 August 2012

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Mixing up some trail mix for our upcoming Iceland hike. Ingredients: peanuts, almonds, & pretzels. Check it out:

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Items posted27 August 2012

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Anybody have a good backcountry recipe to share? We'll have a 2-quart pot & that's it.

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We leave on Sept. 9th so that leaves just a few days to master our new tent (GoLite Shangri-La 2) & shave every spare ounce from our packs.

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Where do those who live in an Airstream stay on vacation? In a tent, of course. Our next adventure: two weeks of backpacking around Iceland!

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Items posted24 August 2012

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Tilt-a-whirl! #alumafandango

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Items posted17 August 2012

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How we do ice cream on the farm. @ Works Farm

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Items posted12 August 2012

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The difference between our 12-year-old girl & 4-year-old boy:

Cody: "Gag me with a spoon." Jack: "Stab me with some forks or something."

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Items posted09 August 2012

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We're back at The Mothership (Airstream HQ) for the third time, on our way back to Kansas. Today we're picking up some latches, hinges, etc.

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Items posted07 August 2012

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Mumford & Sons with a beautiful venue & sunset in the Finger Lakes. Great way to wrap up our summer with @codyballou!

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This is how @jackworks waits for Mumford & Sons. @ CMAC Performing Arts Center

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Niagara Falls was especially misty today.

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Items posted05 August 2012

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A New York thunderstorm, then: hail cannons. That's a new one.

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Items posted02 August 2012

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Try as I might, I cannot convince my four-year-old of the benefits of watching his iPad movies letterboxed instead of fullscreen.

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Items posted01 August 2012

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This week we're camping on an island in Lake Ontario. In the Airstream. Seriously. The sunsets are epic. #mycharmedlife

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I've nearly eliminated the Jeep since this'll be a rare opportunity to drive the others. Here they are side-by-side:

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Planning an adventure for mid-September. Will involve renting a 4WD vehicle. Wrangler Unlimited, Land Rover Defender or Lada Niva. Opinions?

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