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Works Progress Administration posters

926 high-resolution posters available from the Library of Congress. Beautiful resource of Machine Age design.

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iPhone & iPad wallpapers for the rest of us.

A beautiful collection of iPhone and iPad wallpapers by select illustrators & designers.

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The USA, as one big neighborhood

I wouldn’t be a fan of the population density of Brooklyn, but this is an interesting perspective on the both the population of the US, and the tremendous area of our country.

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Big Think Interview with Jason Fried

Never a bad interview with Jason Fried; I love everything he says, every time he says it. This 30-minute interview touches on a lot of his ethos on working and the workplace.

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What Happens When You Unplug from Your Internet Addiction?

The takeaways from this “experiment” of unconnectedness seem obvious to me, and have for some time, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on making these kinds of changes in my life, even though I’d like to. It’s in my future, but it’s a hard thing to undertake, a hard thing to decide what is important and what is not, especially since I base my ability to operate in my ever-evolving career on consuming much of this information.

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Jez Burrows’ Walden

I love most of Jez Burrows’ prints, but I have a special place in my heart for cabins in the woods, like this print inspired by Thoreau’s Walden.

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Realism in UI Design

The thing on the left is a house. The thing on the right means «home». Somewhere between the two, the meaning switches from «a specific house» to «home as a concept».

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Plan B

What to do when all else has failed to change your kid’s behavior.

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A fundamental rule of the internet

Trying stuff is cheaper than deciding whether to try it. Compare the cost of paying and feeding someone to do a few weeks of hacking to the full cost of the meetings that went into a big company decision. Don’t overplan something. Just do it half-assed to start with, then throw more people at it to fix it if it works.

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Oblo didactic puzzle :: Industrial Design Served

I love this awesome nerdy handmade didactic puzzle. Still a bit too advanced for Jack, but I’d love him to get the hand-eye coordination and problem-solving abilities from a toy like this.

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The power of “no”

I love Jacob’s suggestion that it’s the “open source development model” and the exercising of the right to say “no” that makes open source projects like Django so successful. It’s in answering only to the needs of the software—not management or marketing—and that model canbedeployed anywhere, even in commercial products.

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Video for Everybody!

Use HTML5 video where available, falling back to Apple QuickTime® or Adobe Flash® in older browsers.

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Why do we have an IMG element?

A fascinating history of the image tag — or more importantly, the manner in which the HTML evolved — from Mark Pilgrim. Such a rich history here, it tickles the nostalgia bone a good deal.

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Video on the Web - Dive Into HTML5

From Mark Pilgrim’s Dive into HTML5 comes this excellent & thorough chapter on the new <video> tag.

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Fellowship Technology’s Design Patterns Library & Code Standards

There are certainly some stylistic preferences in here, but Fellowship One’s internal code standards guide is overwhelming good advice and best practice when front-end coding. If you “dabble” in HTML, CSS &/or Javascript, following these conventions will give you the confidence you’re doing things correctly. I would like to put together a similar guide with my coworkers on the K-State Webteam.

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icons, glyphs and symbols based on the Helvetica Bold typeface” Wow. I want to go to there. Love these.

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